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Ticker: SMPLE
Pool Name: Simple Stake Pool
Pool ID: view on adapools.org
Margin: 2%
Fixed cost: 340

Message Board

August 2nd, 2020 – After careful consideration and running our stake pool for almost a year we have decided to retire our pool at the end of the current epoch (2 days). This is due to the intense competition amongst a very large number of pools with very low margins and our small size. Competition however is good for delegators and we would like to wish all community members the very best.

About US

Simple stake pool operators are experienced technology professionals who have been involved in stake pool services with Cardano since the very start with the incentivised test network (ITN). During the six months operating a pool within the ITN we have learnt many lessons which will carry over to the Shelley mainnet ensuring we provide the best possible service.

Our goal is simple, to provide a no fuss, just staking, just rewards service to our customers. We do this by focusing on providing the most reliable and always on stake pool service.


Our Stake Pool

Stake pool architecture for Shelley comprises of the block-producer and relays required to participate on the network. At Simple we run an enterprise grade solution with multiple relays located around the globe, this ensures we can provide a reliable service that is also well connected.


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Email us at simplestakepool@protonmail.com